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TreeGridView Class

Presents a tree with multiple columns
Inheritance Hierarchy

Namespace:  Eto.Forms
Assembly:  Eto (in Eto.dll) Version: 2.4.0
public class TreeGridView : Grid

The TreeGridView type exposes the following members.

Public methodTreeGridView
Initializes a new instance of the TreeGridView class
Public propertyContextMenu
Gets or sets the context menu when right clicking or pressing the menu key on an item.
Public propertyDataStore
Gets or sets the data store of tree items.
Public propertySelectedItem
Gets or sets the selected item in the tree.
Public propertySelectedItems
Gets an enumeration of the currently selected items
(Overrides GridSelectedItems.)
Protected methodGetCallback
Gets an instance of an object used to perform callbacks to the widget from handler implementations
(Overrides GridGetCallback.)
Public methodGetCellAt
Gets the node at a specified location from the origin of the control
Public methodGetDragInfo
Gets the tree grid drag info for the specified DragEventArgs.
Protected methodOnActivated
Raises the Activated event.
Protected methodOnCollapsed
Raises the Collapsed event.
Protected methodOnCollapsing
Raises the Collapsing event.
Protected methodOnExpanded
Raises the Expanded event.
Protected methodOnExpanding
Raises the Expanding event.
Protected methodOnSelectedItemChanged
Raises the SelectedItemChanged event.
Public methodReloadData
Refreshes the data, keeping the selection
Public methodReloadItem
Refreshes the specified item and all its children, keeping the selection if not part of the refreshed nodes
Public eventActivated
Occurs when the user activates an item by double clicking or pressing enter.
Public eventCollapsed
Occurs after a tree item is collapsed.
Public eventCollapsing
Occurs before a tree item is collapsed.
Public eventExpanded
Occurs after a tree item has been expanded.
Public eventExpanding
Occurs before a tree item is expanded.
Public eventSelectedItemChanged
Occurs when the SelectedItem has changed.
Public fieldStatic memberActivatedEvent
Identifier for handlers when attaching the Activated event.
Public fieldStatic memberCollapsedEvent
Identifier for handlers when attaching the Collapsed event.
Public fieldStatic memberCollapsingEvent
Identifier for handlers when attaching the Collapsing event.
Public fieldStatic memberExpandedEvent
Identifier for handlers when attaching the Expanded event.
Public fieldStatic memberExpandingEvent
Identifier for handlers when attaching the Expanding event.
Public fieldStatic memberSelectedItemChangedEvent
Identifier for handlers when attaching the SelectedItemChanged event.
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