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MenuBar Class

Menu bar for a form
Inheritance Hierarchy

Namespace:  Eto.Forms
Assembly:  Eto (in Eto.dll) Version: 2.4.0
public class MenuBar : Menu, ISubmenu

The MenuBar type exposes the following members.

Public propertyAboutItem
Gets or sets the item to show an about dialog for the application
Public propertyApplicationItems
Gets the item collection for the ApplicationMenu, to easily add items declaratively/programatically.
Public propertyApplicationMenu
Gets the menu that contains application-level items.
Public propertyHelpItems
Gets the item collection for the HelpMenu, to easily add items declaratively/programatically.
Public propertyHelpMenu
Gets the help menu for the application for showing help items
Public propertyIncludeSystemItems
Gets or sets which system items will be automatically included with the menu.
Public propertyItems
Gets the collection of menu items
Public propertyQuitItem
Gets or sets the quit item for the application.
Public propertySystemCommands
Gets the system commands for the menu.
Public propertyTrim
Gets or sets a value indicating whether this MenuBar will trim the items when set to a form
Extension Methods
Public Extension MethodGetChildren
Gets an enumeration of all children of the specified submenu.
(Defined by SubmenuExtensions.)
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