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Graphics Properties

The Graphics type exposes the following members.

Public propertyAntiAlias
Gets or sets a value indicating that drawing operations will use anti-aliasing
Public propertyClipBounds
Gets the bounds of the clipping region
Public propertyCurrentTransform
Gets a copy of the current transform.
Public propertyDPI
Gets the dots per inch of the current graphics context. Usually 96 for windows and 72 for other systems
Public propertyImageInterpolation
Gets or sets the interpolation mode for drawing images
Public propertyIsRetained
Gets a value indicating the graphics sub-system is a retained system (e.g. WPF)
Public propertyPixelOffsetMode
Gets or sets the pixel offset mode for draw operations
Public propertyPixelsPerPoint
Gets the scale of points to pixels. Multiply by point value to get pixel size
Public propertyPointsPerPixel
Gets the scale of points per pixel. Multiply by pixel size to get point value (e.g. to set font size in pixels).
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