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Eto.Forms.ThemedControls Namespace

Themed control handlers
Public classThemedAboutDialogHandler
A themed handler for the AboutDialog dialog.
Public classThemedDocumentControlHandler
A themed handler for the DocumentControl control.
Public classThemedDocumentPageHandler
A themed handler for the DocumentPage control.
Public classThemedExpanderHandler
A themed handler for the Expander control.
Public classThemedFilePickerHandler
A themed handler for the FilePicker control.
Public classThemedFontPickerHandler
A themed handler for the FontPicker control.
Public classThemedSpinnerHandler
Themed spinner handler for the Spinner control
Public classThemedSplitterHandler
! UNDER CONSTRUCTION ! Themed splitter handler for the Splitter control
Public classThemedStepperHandler
Themed version of the Stepper control for platforms that have no support for such a control.
Public classThemedTextStepperHandler
Themed implementation of the TextStepper control composed of a TextBox and Stepper.
Public enumerationThemedSpinnerDirection
Direction to spin the ThemedSpinnerHandler
Public enumerationThemedSpinnerMode
Display Mode of the ThemedSpinnerHandler